Shame on the fringe environmental group calling itself the ‘Natural Resources Defense Council’ for this desperate, disgusting and downright dishonest attempt to scare and manipulate people with false information.

Greensboro’s drinking water is safe. And you do not have to take my word for it – Mayor Nancy Vaughan and the news media -
http://www.wfmynews2.com/…/greensboro-leaders-def…/522341646 - have all reported this to be the case.

The Water Quality Update can be found on the City of Greensboro’s website:

Mayor Vaughan and city officials have shared with me that Greensboro performs more than 250,000 water quality tests annually to make sure the highest quality water is delivered to its citizens – and that every single test has shown our water is well within the parameters of what the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deems safe.

In fact, North Carolina’s water as a whole is the safest it’s ever been. The numbers don’t lie.

In 2010 (with a Democratic governor and a Democratic General Assembly), 311 public water systems had a violation of federal drinking water standards.

By 2016, the number of drinking water systems with a standards violation had dropped to just 73 – a 75 percent reduction in just six years.
This is the fewest number of systems with violations since this data has been tracked.

The bottom line is that in 2016 more people in North Carolina than ever before enjoyed the cleanest, safest drinking water in the history of the state.

So what does all this talk of GenX have to do with Greensboro? The answer is: not much.

It’s an issue surrounding a private company that was found to be leaking this substance into a river in southeast North Carolina last year. The reality is the General Assembly already took a major first step back in October to immediately and directly address the problem of GenX contamination in that region. We provided funding to their local public utilities to begin removing GenX from public water supplies and commissioned studies to quantify the amount of GenX in the river and determine the impact it could have on public health and safety. The first round of data is due this spring. In fact, North Carolina lawmakers are doing much more to address emerging contaminants in our drinking water supplies than either of our neighbors in Virginia or South Carolina.

And because Gov. Cooper’s Department of Environmental Quality has taken little enforcement action against the company that leaked the chemical, we have directed them to cooperate with the EPA on any audit to ensure our state’s environmental programs are working effectively and adequately protecting the health and well-being of the citizens of North Carolina.

Anyone trying to twist what we have done as an effort to harm water quality is flat out lying. This group should be ashamed of themselves for attacking our community and misleading people, and I encourage you to call them, along with media outlets running the ads, to tell them what they are doing is wrong.


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